Specializing in digital edge to edge quilting services using our Gammill Statler quilting machine.

Our Services


Machine Quilting Services

Offering hundreds of patterns and almost any thread color to coordinate with your project.


Binding Services

After your quilt is quilted we can square it up and hand bind it.


T-shirt Quilts

Turn those t-shirts you've been collecting from a stack in the closet to a usable quilt.  Lap to bed size. 


Custom Project Services

Commissioned quilts and memory quilts.  Let us help you take your project from an idea to reality.



Exclusive designs currently available through Instagram @sewmanyquiltstx.


Our Story

Let me introduce myself. My name is Michelle Parker and I’ve been quilting since 1997 when a friend introduced me to this wonderful world. I had no clue then how this craft would become so much a part of my daily life. Every day includes petting fabric, sewing, cutting, looking through books or enjoying the eye candy on Instagram and Facebook. My sister-in-law was surprised when I started combining prints and stripes and plaids because I was the last person to accept patterned ties and striped shirts for men. Now I can’t imagine that ever being a concern. 

My love for fabric and sewing started in high school Home Ec. I made a goldenrod calico print jumper – yes, I now know it was as awful as it sounds. I was so excited to get started I missed the instruction to wash and dry the fabric.  I made my masterpiece and was able to wear it a couple times. Of course, I’m sure you know what happened. I washed it, it shrunk and well, enough said. Lesson learned when it came to sewing garments. After that class I sewed anything and everything. Curtains, drapes, prom dresses and everything in between. My love for fabric was alive and being well fed. 

I made clothes for myself and my girls when they were young. I tailored items for all of us to make store bought items fit better and correctly.  Then a funny thing happened – my body no longer fit into the styles I was used to making. I’m sure it was the patterns and not my body. I was no longer sewing for myself because it was just too frustrating. I was doing cross stitch and embroidery when my friend introduced me to quilting. Now we’re talking! A quilt just has to go under your feet and over your shoulder and over the body to be able to take a nice nap under it. I was sold! 

During this time, I worked in the corporate world in a variety of industries for my day job – oil and gas, software and ecommerce. I also worked part-time in my local quilt store on the weekends and continued there for almost 20 years. It’s there that I started teaching quilting classes. 

Fast forward to the present and I was blessed with the opportunity to be able to start this business and make my love of a quilting a full-time gig. I have lots of ideas and plans with the first ones being offering long arm quilting services, binding services, and custom and memory/T-shirt quilts.

I look forward to exploring ways we can journey together in our passion for quilting,




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